About us

Our Mission

"The mission of La Casa Guadalupana is to revitalize the environment in general and improve conditions in the lives of the Hispanic community of Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in Southwest Detroit by providing education, health information, basic needs, and support services for families. We provide families with ways to improve their economic security and future prospects."


Our History

La Casa Gudalupana began in June 2014 in the parish of Our Lady of Gudalupe, serving the Hispanic Community of Southwest Detroit, MI. 

The parish renovated the school in early 2015, a director and four teachers were hired, 60 students enrolled and the doors opened on March 2nd, 2015. Students attended class three days a week, in primary (grades 1-6), secondary (grades 7-9) and GED (high school equivalency) levels.

In September 2015, classes expanded to four days with morning or evening options. Enrollment and teaching staff grew. English classes were added along with childcare for student parents. 

By June 2016, 22 students earned certification through the Mexican Consulate in primary and secondary levels. Three levels of ESL (English as a second language) are now offered. In collaboration with Ascension Health, two nurse practitioners provide services to students each month. By June 2017, 242 students had registered, 18 graduated GED certification, and 17 with primary or secondary certification.

In June 2017, La Casa de Guadalupana partnered with Centro de San Jose, a tutoring program for students (1st-8th grade), to better focus on family literacy. This apt strategy helps our community strive towards social change for immigrant Hispanics who prize family.